Building Momentum

I made my first post a few weeks ago. Typical me would come up with a write-up and it would sit in my journal till I forget about it. For someone with imposter syndrome (self-diagnosed), sharing my creative work is a big deal.

Now that the blog is all set up, I’m thinking what now? Do I have to write for the whole world to read my crap? I could just set my page to private, but then, that would defeat the purpose of this blog which is to slowly come out of my shell as an introvert (even though I identify as an ambivert sometimes). Also, I didn’t want to have to deal with the trolls. You know, the people who always fail to keep a tight rein on their tongues.

I managed to put pen to paper and scribbled thoughts on self-awareness. I titled it “Take a Chill Pill” (if you haven’t read it already, kindly check it out and leave a comment). I later transferred it onto my blog and it remained in my drafts till I finally dared to hit the publish button; but not after months of tweaking. It felt great putting myself and my work out there.

There was a little gush of pride and swollen-headedness. I now understand why there are one-hit wonders. This also explains why it has taken me several weeks to publish my second post. I was living and feeding off of “past glory” till it fritted away. To sustain what you have you need to be consistent. Always remember that.

“Momentum is, without doubt, one of the most powerful and enigmatic forces of success” – Darren Hardy

John Rampton listed 15 behaviours blocking success, 5 of them really struck a chord. Not taking enough risks, being afraid of failure, being comfortable with the status quo, imposter syndrome holding you back and not surrounding yourself with people who motivate you.

If you can relate to any of the above-mentioned success blockers, it’s time to give them the boot. From here on out, I’m going to make an effort to publish as often as I can.

So help me God!

Let’s Take A Chill Pill

Sometimes we feel yanked around by our busy lives to the extent that even putting together an outfit becomes a chore.

We are usually up with the lark to complete essays, then the torrents of emails to reply before tackling whatever Herculean task we have ahead of us.

This is all too stressful and overwhelming and going through a pile of clothes for “today’s look” only exacerbates the problem.

We don’t give ourselves enough credit for our “little” achievements. Sometimes all we need to do is to pat ourselves on the back and celebrate our small wins.

Adulting is hard; that much is clear. But these curveballs life keeps throwing at us? Sigh!

Have you ever felt like putting everything on hold just to catch your breath? Whenever I feel this way, I just take a breather to recalibrate my expectations.

Maybe I’m being too hard on myself. Am I? Am I seeking validation?

It’s time to put me first. Everything else that is adding to my stress has gotta take a backseat or better yet get tossed in the negativity bin.

Yes, I am a work in progress and I love the woman I am becoming.